Anne Sicola

Union Beach, NJ

She Was An Angel

She was an angel, oh so true
She loved her family, and would love you too
Her hands were soft and light as clouds
Her voice so sweet - never loud

She would cradle me to her warm breast
And stroke my sleepy head to rest
The warmth of this woman true
I nodded off with blessed view

Her eyes so soft upon my face
Her smile so sweet I cannot erase
Her fingers touching my small hand
To let me know and understand

I understood this woman true
This Blessed Mother - there never can be two
For only one mold the Lord did make
Gave me this woman from her womb to take

The years flew by - Oh, Mom Good Bye
That blessed view still in my eyes
My Mother I loved and still love to
Still cradles my mind of a love so true.
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