Alison Derick

1/1970 - Boston

I’d Feel Homesick

My great big heart was waiting to see the stampede.
You’d send Honesty, Loyalty and Grace.
I’d hear the brass trumpets, feel the notes press against me,
filling all my spaces within.

Days have passed,
the summer frozen in July.
I stay bathed in shining armor,
burning brightly to light your way.
You can find me, re-see me.
Find me once and for all.
find me and please me.

As the nights turn and the days look the same,
I belong here and I commit to where Ill stay -
transfixed on the the absence of a story,
there is nothing to narrate, no plot to say -
but I'll be homesick if I dare shift my weight.
Days turn away ,
deflating after filling to the peak,
I am hung by the sliver of a wish that you hooked around me.
Dead eyes fixed on the lights nowSeptember
The sweaty breeze gallops in without you as it's rider.
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