Airen Zorom

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With Hope

Once I will leave my own home.
I'll rush towards exciting adventures.
Open a new world outside the window.
Leave behind failure and censures.

I'll grab the shabby coat off the hook.
Behind my back, I'll leave the door wide open.
I'll win in cards man's shirt and book.
Keep looking for the things that broken.

I overhear the secrets of the fairies.
And sneak a look at how they dance.
I might make laugh moody demons.
And put the time itself in a trance.

I will try to plunge into the ocean.
Through icy water look at sparkling stars.
And show the mermaids meaning of emotions.
Then we will drink together in the bar.

Perhaps suddenly someday I'll have to go back.
Go down to earth, live life like were always.
Again see dull faces, that started to crack,
And have no desire to notice the new days.

In the middle of the night, sometimes in the mornings,
Look out the window and search for a sense.
Look for a miracle avoiding the warnings.
And holding a cup of hot tea in the hands.
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