Zee K

2006 - India
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Rhythm : A last few moments

I dreamt about beeping lines
Slowly and steadily rising
Their sudden downfall scares me
As I just heard a story

A tale of two heartbeats
One Raising inside her womb
Basking in her warmth
Nourishing themself for a long period

Seasons changed; Winter started
In the serene white atmosphere
The time that was slowly ticking came
Care and dreams were piled up

Soon Pain engulfed her body
Withering and twisting her
On that heavy snowstorm day
Cries of the child raced with the breeze

Relief and happiness were all she felt
Embracing that piece of herself
Felt like a puzzle was completed
Need to protect it arose

Those few moments vanished
A flat line the machine showed
Like that, a mother was snatched
Only that precious rhythm of the breath
Mixed with heartbeats rang like a lullaby
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