Wilmo C. Orejola

Pompton Plains, New Jersey


Beyond bleak moon horizons a resplendent blue planet rises sublime
But a speckle in the grandeur of space, a glimmer in a stretch of time;
So alluring an earth rise, deja vu strikes this moon walking earth creature
Who, unraveling deep secrets of the past, sees this past in his future.

Venerable Earth, four and half billion year refuge, yet uncertain,
Her destiny forged by forces without, wrought of convulsions within,
Oasis in a system of barren, hostile worlds of benevolent Sun
Nurturing all creatures, predators and prey alike, from virus to man.

Threat of mass extinction in this planet gone deranged, depleted, dying,
Grim consequences of a foolish man's greed, turf wars and reckless tinkering;
Generations pass but common sense remains, ever vigilant the wise
That generations come well planned and wars mere tantrums to compromise.

Whirling this galactic span, chance collision should Earth disintegrate,
Or freeze dry a dwindling sun, or in a red giant incinerate;
So much in so short a time in the cosmic calendar can man achieve,
Perish not like dinosaurs, he can preempt stellar exodus and live.

Thence he travels with speed of light, transcends what he's capable of knowing;
And seeds the stars wit his kind, this progeny is his purpose of being;
Mortality bonds him closer with his God, redeemer, mollifier
As he in another star finds his roots. Mightier than he. Godlier.
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