William J. Ludwikowski

San Antonio, Texas, USA


If you can look ahead and still be faithful
to the task at hand,
If you can dream—you must follow through
On all you've planned,
If you can win or lose without being pompous
on yourself you can then rely.
If you can stand by your convictions—
you will always be satisfied,
If you reap the harvest of knowledge—
you will always have a wedge,
If you can say I am but one—
You'll do all before life is done.
If you can keep in step with competition—
You'll fulfill your ambition,
If you can remain simple—
you can forget the life of Sybil,
If you can always act with honesty—
You can walk with honor and be trustworthy.
If you always do the best you can—
You will be a man (woman).
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