Walt Christian Larsen

Lancaster, California

Cathedral Unreal

I see the turquoise sky above from the shadowy
depths of eucalyptus forest.
It seems a vast cathedral,
and it's silence could be accompanied by the re-
verberation of giant organ pipes unreal.

It was in the sunny seaside community of Goleta
where we found a sacred garden of tranquility's
Millions of beautiful objects of HIS creation did-
boggle the mind with intrinsic colors so sharply

MONARCHS' the princes' of butterflies supreme,
arrive every year as if in a dream.
with never an absence to their port of call
unless because of greed, their historical trees do

We wonder how long this extravaganza will last
in a new world of concrete's arrival so fast.
We would like to prolong the incredible sight,
but they will be gone soon unless we all put up a

These incredibly beautiful trees' are quite some-
thing to see.
and then to be dusted with Monarchs' supreme, they
might charge a great fee.
but lucky for us, it's still something wonderful that's
the incredible, delicate navigators' sent to us with love,
from our FATHER above.
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