Vicky L. Stoner

San Pedro, California, USA

Forest's Prophecy

Twin pines stand in the forest,
their branches reaching toward the
On the forest floor is a blanket
of their needles brown and dry.
The beauty of the forest, nature
With the golden glow of sunlight
shimmering through the trees'
Ah, but this beautiful masterpiece
of nature wouldn't be around long;
The story of what happened can be
heard in the whispers of the
winds' song.
Due to the careless disrespect of
a human creature,
Came the destruction of the forest
and the raping of nature.
The hot sparks drifted in on the
warm winds of summer,
Igniting the flames that tore
the forest asunder.
Twin pines now stand alone on
a forest floor scorched and dry,
Singed of their beautiful green
needles that once reached for the sky.
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