Urvashi Khandelwal

November 26, 1998 - Gwalior
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CV of the Dead.

Won't lie on that single page,
Because more than achievements are my fears.
Lower than my grades is my love for me.
But why would you ask that
You are only concerned about the B grade in mathematics, I got four years ago.
And yes, you may tell me that it's okay to get a B and ask me to not cry.
Tell me that I have got different qualities.
Tell me how I fit for some XYZ Job.
But No. Don't stop me and let me cry.
Let me cry for the 33 marks I got.
Let me cry for the competition I ran away from.
Let me cry for the exam I screwed.
Let me cry for getting fired from the job.
Let me cry for choosing wrong.
Because, I am stuck. And I need friction to drive in the slide.
Your smiles can't water my dead garden.
Only my tears can.
Ask my CV when I die, I'll tell you the truth
And you won't judge.
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