Tom W. Timms

Kirkby in Ashfield, UK

Contact With Outer Space

How many surprises will the new millennium yield
On this earthly orbiting planet
Shall we really make contact with outer space
How shall we greet them face to face Would it be with derision and atom blast
Destruction of their outer planet caste??
Like kiddies watching open mouthed (Let's say)
Star Wars shown on T.V. today The cloning of Tessa the lamb shows us the way
Our creator wants us to go "Some Day"
Woman no longer reliant on a male mate
For the continuance reproduction of a child state "Cloning" females only - may be the best
Would it eradicate mans seed test
Outrageous - outcast - outsider shout
Will Adams curse never die out The holocaust victims "prayed" but none was saved
War weary men still fight and rave
Could twelve chosen maidens show the way
Brought up to rule all nations some day
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