Tina Seifner

Sedalia, Missouri, USA

It's A Little More Special At The End Of Today

It's been to the creek, in the yard, and on the floor. It's even
bee camping a time or more.
I've had it for years, as it was handed down. I've packed it
from place to place and moved it all over town.
It's always been special in it's own little way but it's a little
more special at the end of today.
The Fourth of July, nineteen ninety-six we all got together to
watch fireworks for kicks.
They screamed towards the sky and boomed with bright lights.
We all sat and watched, enjoying the sites.
The one went all crazy and came straight for our chairs! We
scattered for safety and some climbed the stairs.
When the smoke had all cleared, everyone was okay, it became
a little more special at the end of today.
It lay on the ground at the base of the tree where once we were
seated, it's a quilt you see.
The hole that was made by the hot burning coal, made the
quilt more special not just o me but to all.
We'll all have a memory of what happened that day, but the
quilt is more special because we made it that way.
We dated this quilt with a black permanent marker, we all
signed our names...some light and some darker.
This quilt now has names etched on its face, now it will go in
its own special place.
We will all remember this Fourth of July, and if we forget...
the quilt will tell why.
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