Tim Hager

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Beautiful stars

Looking up at the sky
Trying to make sense of it all
How do the stars neither fly
Nor tumble and fall?

Isn’t it great
This unique ability
To contemplate
Our own fragility

To know THAT
Not only WHAT we are thinking
To self-reflect
And drown our sorrows in drinking

The stars keep shining
The world’s still turning
While we keep whining
And waste time yearning

Sometimes it seems
We’re not blessed at all
Indeed, now I see
We needed the great fall

It’s a beautiful thing
This conscious mind
As we steadily cling
We’re left behind

Our potential is frail
When in this way we derail
Like stars that don’t shine
We kill the divine

So what are you saying?
Is there any hope left
Should we start praying
Feeling so bereft

You ask how you can
But do the stars at night
Have a strategy or plan
On how to shine right?

When you stop trying to be
Then soon you’ll see
That you already are
A beautiful shining star
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