Sumit Maurya

September 3, 1984 - Earth
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Would you?

When the sun goes down
And my shadow will leave my side
I will be alone in the dark just like a blind
Would you not calm my mind?
When the mud goes thick
And the path goes hard
When my legs will swell
And I will fall apart
I will look for your hand I will wait for your sound
Would you not calm my mind?
When the peace will dry
And the chaos pore hard
When I will feel so blue
Being far away from you
Searching traces of you
Smelling your sweat in the dew
Clutching my hands like yours
Sitting next to the dry shores
Thinking of good and thinking of bad
When my life will play in rewind
Would you not calm my mind?
When the angel will sit next to me
Asking me to change the course of my life
I will be scared, I will be terrified
As he will ask me to leave everything and you
I will hug you and I will kiss you
I will hold your hand tight
I will close my eyes
And I will ask you for the last promise to stride
Oh please oh please!
Just say to me
That you will be there right behind
Would you please lie to calm my mind?
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