Shawna Marshall

1985 - California
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Part of Me

There's a part of me that grieves
And always will
A part of me that has gone dark
The light will no more shine there
A piece that cries
Mourning the loss
Mourning the life that never was
But was a part of me
The rest of me moves on
Goes back to work
Has to be a mother and a spouse
Puts on a smile and can laugh
But the echoes of that laughter ring hollow
In that other part of me
The rest of me still dreams
Imagining future adventures
Excited at the growth of my son
But a part me sees only
The future without my daughter
And that part of me screams
Screams and cries
And tears it's hypothetical hair
As the rest of me lives my life
My life that no longer reaches that other part of me
Because that part died
With the baby that was so briefly
A part of me

© 2018 Shawna
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