Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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Beryl Eugenie Bell

(In memory of my mother 1931 - 1980)

Born in 1931,
before the second world war had begun
A beautiful, brown-eyed baby girl
The sweetest, Beryl Eugenie Bell

One of ten, her father’s favorite
In knowledge and beauty, she would excel
To him, no other child was greater than
the beautiful Beryl Eugenie Bell

She grew up with many suitors
Eager to be her dashing beau
She grew up to be wise and kind,
A woman of few words, though a Shakespearean mind.

Many would vie and would even tussle,
As did the handsome Vinton Albert Russell
The local heartbreaker, who would never kiss and tell,
But he won the heart of his Beryl Eugenie Bell

Now Beryl Russell would touch the hearts
Of more than everyone that she knew
A phenomenal mother of seven
With mildness and calm lots of people she drew.

But how we mourned when she passed away,
With nothing left but memories to tell
But the pride and place held in our hearts
Of the beautiful Beryl Eugenie Bell.
©Sharon Morgan
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