Scott Urban


Dreams of nightmares fill the glass half empty with the days gone passed
Taking steps beside yourself where footprints leave no trail
Uniquely you're a common man whose stuck inside his mold
Paying homage to obscurity, chaos is all you know
When your thoughts are full of nothingness, you feed monotony
The confusion's more amusing then constant profligacy
When emotions that provoke the spiral deep into the hole
Taking residence inside you, darkening your very soul
Slowly burning up your spirit-man from the inside out
Leaving nothing but a shell of bloodless meat

So you gather all your worldliness, as if it were a prize
You fall deeper down inside yourself, behind your dark disguise
Honesty becomes a stranger, lies become your friends
Truth be told, it's hard to tell where you begin and end
Living on the edge and fearing everything you see
Promoting hatred, judgement, prejudice and misery
Your game is sharp and steely, like the edge of any sword
Fooling those who fool themselves will be your fools reward
For the wisdom that you think you have, the treasures you hold dear
Are nothing more than striving after the wind
All your eyes desire you succeed to not refuse
Taking refuge in your evil deeds believing you can't lose
What you fail to realize is that all things will pass away
The moths and rust will come and take, destroying what you've made

Copyright 2002 by Scott Urban. All rights reserved.
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