Sarah Quartly

March 6, 2000 - Sydney

A song

A song.
A song isn’t just music and words. A song isn’t just something you listen to when you’re bored. A song isn’t just a time passer or a throw away craft.
A song can gain meaning so quickly in the right circumstances.
It’s what was playing when you had your first kiss. It’s the last song that played at your formal before you said goodbye for the last time. It’s what was playing when you had your first heartbreak. It’s what someone serenaded you with when you both were drunk and walking to a bar to meet up with your friends in Manly. Its the soundtrack from that stupid musical your closest friend made you watch that now you’ve watched 3 times and still aren’t sick of it and it reminds you of them every time you hear it. It’s the little memories in front of the piano for 4 hours after class getting frustrated because you just want to learn Clair👏🏻De👏🏻Lune👏🏻 but you STILL CANT GET IT. It’s how two people met at a gig. It’s what the last song was on the night you said goodbye to him for the last time. It’s what you had stuck in your head when he said “you make my day” and it’s what he played in the car on the way to get pizza that one time. It’s what was pumping from the house when you confessed on the front lawn to loving him but it’s also what was playing when he said he didn’t love you and slammed a door in your face. It’s what your friend played on the piano when you first started talking. It’s what he sang to you in the hallway when you were upset and he just wanted to see you happy and it’s what made you realise who the good guy actually is. It’s what you sang to overcome your biggest fear. It’s what you listen to to help you fall asleep. It’s so many things.
To some, a song can be just words and music but to others it’s a whole lifetime of memories, it’s their world. And they wouldn’t change it for anything. I know I wouldn’t.
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