sanidhya srivastava

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nothing could be the same ever again!
problems are like popups!
every other day, we're caught up!
i think of
bringing back things in to track !
but helplessly i am shattered everyday!
today i am standing on a path where
the demons are screaming in pain!
terrific is the fact that things will not change for good!
worse it will now be for sure!
this is agony!
where we suffer from the bottom of our hearts!
just praying everyday, for things to be better!
but it all goes in vain!
what's left is just the pain!
a wounded heart stays, suffering the phase!
and here the words turn to be true that
" the wounds that are not visible give a lot more pain than the ones that can be seen!"
and then comes another horrible situation where everyone leaves!
ultimately we're left along!
no one understands, rather nobody tries to understand!
it's very clear that the impact of society and their thoughts are always
ready to dominate!
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