Samel Yugalin Emrys

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Reflections on Resilience

I feel sad, oh, I feel sad,
Don’t shun me, for I'm mad, I'm mad.
Yes, I've had my share of strife,
That's why I carry this heavy life.

I lived by the red river's flow,
In a castle where darkness did grow.
Don't judge me for the past I had,
I dwelled with the wastrels, and it was sad.

I never thought the way they taught,
I was cast aside, battles fought.
But I wasn't wrong, hear my song,
Though my life didn't always belong.

I've sailed the river of life's vast pool,
Hiding my feelings, like a fool.
I've made mistakes, committed fouls,
But I won't let that darken my soul.

I may have been careless, lacking demand,
I admit, at times, I've been a little sappy lad.
Let's forget the past's deep bends,
And embrace a future that amends.
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