Sambhabi Mondal

November 14, 2003- Kolkata
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Often, rains bring me a euphoria of feelings.
Feelings so strong that they leave me numb.
Where I can do nothing but stare at the cloudless sky and witness the falling drops till the thunder crackles through my bones and the raw mist sprays my face.
As I wonder if this rain is what heaven feels like. Fragments of heaven. The Ambrosia to my soul.

Often, rains bring me solace.
Solace from the world.
A very needed solace when life threatens to suffocate me.
As I look out through my window out into the night sky and allow the smell of wet Earth to invade my senses and the cool wind that ruffles through my hair.
As I watch a couple laughing along under a purple umbrella and can't help but think about my 'maybe someday'.
Where I feel no pain, have no feelings.

Often, rains bring me courage.
Courage to fall down and then stand up again.
As I feel the rustling of the swaying trees in a hypnotic dance.
As the birds whose name is still unknown to me struggles to fly with wet wings.
As the timeless symphony of the pitter patter raindrops fall into the streets, washing away insecurities.

Rain rain come again
I'll be waiting for you here again
Bring along life and stars
Rain rain come again.
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