Sagar Mistry

July 19, 1993 - New Delhi

Walking Stories

We’re all walking stories in this book of life,
Going through moments of peace and strife;
All having their own different phases,
Turning the pages and changing faces;
Every person on a different page,
Of different stages of calm and rage;
Trying to find the ending we deserve,
Doing our best to keep the sanity preserved;
Some coping with the tragedy awaited,
Some getting lured into the traps all baited;
Some enjoying the high while it would last,
Not knowing the pace of the story passing fast;
Some would succeed with colors all flying,
And some would fade all while trying;
What keeps us strong is the faith in the pens,
Through the phases and faces changing in tens;
A peace at the end is all we desire,
Reaching the end we deserve is all we aspire;
Stop a while and take a look,
In someone else’s story from this book;
And appreciate the courage that all of us show,
Take a moment to appreciate the joys passing slow;
Read a page and guide a soul,
To the point where their story feels whole;
Then can you gain the power to write,
To go through the pages putting up a fight;
So when ours comes to the final word,
We can fly like a free bird;
That passed all its seasons through all of the days,
And a story we’ll leave that forever stays…
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