Ronnie N. Lee

Sedalia, Missouri, USA

Remember When

Doctors made house calls and people smiled a lot
A dime was a fortune to a kid
Jokes were funny, but dirty they were not
Divorce was something celebrities in Hollywood did.
Glue was for pasting, not sniffing
Grass was something to be mowed
Coke was a five cent drink, not fifty
And kids walked wherever they had to go.
Hardware was a store to shop in
And appliances outlived their guarantee
Only women wore earrings
And butchers gave you soup bones for free.
Bathing suits left a lot to ones imagination
Hell was a dreaded inferno, not a loosely used word
People believed in their Country and Constitution
"Riot and Revolution" just wasn't heard.
Holidays were observed on the day that they fell
And all stores closed every Holiday
Teenagers thought sex was the number after five, just mispelled
And five cents sent a letter plus a postcard on its way.
People wore their Sunday best to Church
Families stayed and prayed together:received comfort from within
For happiness you need not search
Ah, those were the days my friend.
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