Ronald E. Blacklock

Wilmington, Illinois

Smiley Face

I have observed how you tower over our city,
Standing tall just like a proud soldier.
You always have that smile on our face, day and night!
You make me sick!
Watching like a sleepless guard dog, yet with that forever smiling changeless expression!
What do you have to smile about anyway?
You can see all the crime and corruption in our streets.
You see the innocent being raped, drug pushers, and gang wars;
You see the homeless looking for shelter and the hungry digging for scraps of food;
You see the lonely looking for a kind word, someone who will comfort and care.
Doesn't anything make you sad?
You see our police officers on the take, and small children being abused;
How can you just stand their smiling like everything is okay?
Can't you show a little compassion? You're driving me insane!
Nothing seems to affect you! You smile in the midst of a hailstorm,
During winters frigid blizzards, and as you bake there in the sun.
I'm told that you have no control over your smile. Oh, do you need help!
Tonight, as our city sleeps, I'll scale your tower and lend you a helping hand.
I'll paint blinders across your eyes,
Then your smile can be of cheerful thoughts and not from what you see.
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