Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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What a fun debate - in Trump's own words

Did you watch it, what a show
Little Mikey slammed around,
Battered slowly blow by blow
With accusations that astound.

Pocahontas on the war path,
She’s the one that wields the axe,
Indignation, poisoned wrath
Her solutions just more tax.

Crazy Bernie full of zeal
Flaring nostrils squinting eyes,
Somewhat bridled brought to heel,
Marxist fervor cut to size.

Sleepy Joe clearly not there
A hologram appearing in his place,
To his chances not a prayer
Slipping badly from the race

Mayor Pete, Amy who?
Going at it head to head,
Lots of insults, no breakthrough
Further progress all but dead.

So who won you might well ask
All who watched could that one see,
There's but one person for the task
And that person's clearly me.
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