Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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The Quiet Assassin - the fight for our lives

Tension palpable, one can cut it with a knife
As the quiet assassin glides with unfettered ease,
Wreaking mayhem, misery and strife,
Choosing victims from anyone he sees.

No border, boundary, wall to hold
This wily master of his trade,
His mere presence causing misery untold,
Scant protection from his voracious blade.

We can but hold our loved ones tight
In private prayer and contemplation,
Hoping, wishing with all our might
To yet defeat this aberration.

Is this punishment deserved,
Are we the ones to hold the blame
For having nature so disturbed,
For playing God in all but name.

Do we now reap what we have sown,
Our failing clear for all to see,
Could we truly not have known
And simply left our Earth just be.
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