Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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The Lovers

Marco and Laura quite the pair
Out for fun, a teenage tear,
Blind to mayhem, filled with verve
Little caring where they swerve.

Mountains, valleys, cities, towns,
Their antics met by fear and frowns,
Spawned as orphans, wild from birth,
One only goal, to roam the Earth.

Frenzied action fills their days,
Movements masked by rain and haze,
Gaining strength at every turn,
Willful acts of no concern.

Yet amongst the Gulf’s blue sky's
A very special wonder lies,
Blooming Lovers set to meet
Another show of Nature's feat.

Conjoined as one an awesome sight,
Youthful ardor morphing into might,
Locked in embrace their story told,
Destined to love but never to get old.
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