Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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The Golden Years

Another year older
Another year gone,
A little more wisdom,
Can that be too wrong?

A few more fine wrinkles,
A dark spot or two,
Expressions pronounced
Through the skin’s darker hue.

Time seemed eternal,
A lifetime ahead,
But blink and what happens,
One’s tummy has spread.

Gone is the spring
In every short step,
Running and climbing
The portent of dread!

That little matters
As habits have changed,
From physical feats
We’ve become full estranged.

Now it’s the mind
That blossoms each day,
The proof of that fact
Is we’ve so much to say.

Opinions aplenty
No subject taboo,
We’re party to gossip
Be it false or quite true.

Diversion’s the key
Stimulation the goal,
A leisurely day
Fine food for the soul.

So what is the downside
Of ageing and such?
To this very point
We wager not much!
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