Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Nowhere to turn...but wait! In Trump's own words

God knows I tried
I've done my best,
Restored our pride
Aced every test.

Who only knew
Who could have guessed,
What lies would spew
From Socialists possessed.

The vote was rigged
The Media lied,
My fans all twigged
But cast aside.

The courts were bought
Judges aloof,
No cheaters caught
Democrats screaming "Where's the proof?"

My wife fast packing
My kids all gone,
Fast losing backing
But “bring it on”!

They think I'm done?
Washed up to rot?
Again I'll stun
Enact my plot.

Just lie in wait
Watch Biden flail,
All will then gyrate
Back to me, the holy grail.

Until then a little fun
Parties galore and adoration,
Florida golfing in the sun,
Itching for that call to lead the Nation.
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