Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Now they’ve really done it – In Trump’s own words on being impeached

They said they would do it
And done it they did,
But little they know
They’ve lifted the lid.

The kettle is boiling,
The heat never more,
I’m ready and waiting
To even the score.

Revenge is my hammer,
My words knives to throw,
Those dithering fools
They’ll reap what they sow.

Pelosi’s a patsy,
So devious and mean,
But Schiff’s the real looser,
I’ll make that toad scream.

Impeach me for what,
Merely a ploy,
A political stunt
To maim and destroy.

Little they realize
Those bumbling schemers,
The country’s aware
They’re delusional dreamers.

The Senate’s my tool
To dismantle this thing
And then mark my words,
I’ll make their ears ring.

They meddle with me
At their peril and grief,
Their victory dance
Pathetic and brief.

This 45th President,
So great and so strong,
Will rule yet a while,
For sure four years long.
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