Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Is Our Arrogance So Strong – in the wake of the Corona virus pandemic

Are those tears of sorrow or pure wrath,
God’s anger at mankind
Put on earth to tread his path,
Just to see us stumbling blind.

Little knowing, quite uncaring
Of our world so full of life,
Wanton damage truly glaring,
Callous actions clearly rife.

Have we suddenly forgotten,
Is our arrogance that strong,
That we too were once downtrodden,
But a cog in nature’s throng.

Now we act as Lord and Master,
Spitting sentence with huge swaths,
Destruction fostered ever faster
Life’s fabric swarmed by human moths.

Time to pause, soak in the wonder
At Earth’s bounty in all it’s forms,
Embrace God’s gift and stop the plunder,
Live our lives by Nature’s norms.
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