Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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I'm Mad as Hell - in Trump's own words

I'm mad as hell
I thought I had it in the bag
But this leftie groundswell
Throws in an unexpected snag.

The Media blab my name
Gorges on the outcome
They shout it's me you have to blame
To the beat of their usual drum.

DeSantis isn't helping
The guy needs worship at my shrine
I'm the one who did the selling
Kudos for his win should be all mine.

As to my wife her instincts proved so wrong
Dr Oz was clearly not a match
For a muddled guy who simply came on strong
And that unexpected win did snatch.

Another curve ball in my life
I'm sick and tired of all this tripe
While I'm great at handling strife
I so detest such lousy hype.

Still today's another day
My foes should know me well by now
I'd suggest they start to pray
As through their fields of hope I'll plow.

Run I will and watch me swing
I'm a winner through and through
My bark and bite will sorely sting
And if all fails, I'll simply sue.
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