Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Another Daring Deed – in Trump’s own words on Soleimani’s death

Yes, I’ve done it once again
Removed a seeping cancerous pain,
Soleimani’s dead and gone,
The devil’s agent, the Ayatollah’s pawn.

Long the source of all things bad,
Few if any should feel sad,
If his passing caused a stir
His gruesome end aimed to deter.

Now a martyr for their cause
They’ll build him up like Santa Claus,
With waiving arms and raucous shouts
The world will see they’re no boy scouts.

My daring deeds on show once more,
They surely number by the score,
A man of steel and firm resolve,
Heaven sent to problems solve.

Yet the Media still won’t say
How great my feats are every-day,
A bunch of losers, leftie goons,
Their brains the size of shriveled prunes.

They’re now all worried by the path
Iran will take to show its wrath,
Bring it on and stand aside,
While I help our missiles glide.

If my message isn’t clear
To those that neither hear nor fear,
Mess with us and watch the show
As we make your backyard glow.
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