Ramon Rivera

Honea Path, South Carolina

The Universe Is ...

The universe is a verse, written in such a way, it will not only
look like any of the verses comprising it, relevant to it's
thought-type, but it will not be visible in any of the singular
verses written, comprising it.
The super-thought is the meaningful accumulation of the meanings
of every single verse memorized, in thought-type fashion, into
our memories. Put together, only, with the practice of
thought-type relevancy, when memorization is initiated.
And no longer left to the slow development, is experienced
without thought-type practice.

When the universe is well rooted in our mind as the memory
governing what is interpreted, the super-thought comes into
play. Verses, regardless of thought-type they represent, are
seen in the light of the super-thought. Verses, no longer
"mean" in the absence of light, are no longer simply writings
on paper, no longer figurines of ink that we call letters.
They are recognized as the catalyst from stimulating the repair
or establishing thoughts for the growth of thinking.
It heightens awareness, gives wisdom and knowledge, for which
they were given and created in us.

The law of differential and equivalent thinking both develop
simultaneously, as a result of the memorization of thought-types.
In response to external stimuli, the mind is developing
knowledge mirroring the external stimuli. We can quicken
the growth by the practice of thought-type memorization.
The super-thought is the electro-chemical impulse carrying
the sum meaning of the thought-type, accumulated to comprise
it, from the specific area of the brain, in which it was stored.
These are stored there because, we teach our senses to interpret
them as relevant, for the same area of storing.

These, accumulated specific thought-types, together produce and
give the meaning of the universe in thought-type content.
They become the pool from which we interpret what we read, see
or hear, combined with every stimulus from the surrounding

Remember, "The universe is a thought's content functioning as
the sum meaning of multiple meanings of it's thought-type."
It is grown inside "our innermost being of identity"
through the exercise of the least considered reponsibilty
left to us, to do, as means of power, the action of
So lets use the universe for sharpening "perception" and
fine tuning "our actions" both "the mental and the physical"
through the developmenmt of the super-thought.
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