Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Without you - there is no me

I looked into your eyes and saw the window to my soul
And knew right then for me there’s only you
I knew this was forever, I surrendered to this love
I was lost every time I looked at you

I felt I had I been searching - trying every door
But every flame I lit too quickly died
Until the day I found you - just waiting there for me
I knew I’d always want you by my side

My love for you was easy, innocent and blind
There were no chains or walls around my heart
With you there was beginning, there’d never be an end
I never dreamed we’d ever be apart

Sometimes we did lose touch with our feelings inside
We had our share ups and downs and fears
But mostly we were happy, so I guess I never dreamed
My happiness would be replaced with tears

On the day you left me, devastated, in despair
And emptiness invaded all my days
My fragile heart was shattered, broken beyond repair
With too much pain that time cannot erase

In love you’re always standing, you never to learn to fall,
Or stop to think what life is all about
You never dream that one day there’s a chance you’ll be alone
You never dream this love you’ll be without

Your presence here still lingers...it won’t leave me alone
It haunts my days, my nights, my thoughts, my dreams
I don’t know how do this and be here on my own
This loss is so much harder than it seems

I know I mustn’t let the past destroy what comes tomorrow
But without you I don’t know how to feel
Without you I’m broken, I’m lost and so alone
Without you I don’t know how to heal

But even in my shattered world so shaken to its core
A second chance for you and I to be
I know I wouldn't hesitate, I know I’d take you back
For without you in life, there is no me...
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