Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time in a world of make believe
There lived a little girl very young and so naive

In her world, there were no tears no broken hearts to mend
For she believed that fairy-tales all had a happy end

As she grew she always dreamed that one day she would meet
A young and handsome prince who would sweep her off her feet

Then one day her prince arrived and got down on one knee
Declaring all his love, he asked her will you marry me”

Walking down the aisle to him the thanked the Lord above
For making all her dreams come true in finding her true love

Standing side by side their vows of love they say
An ordinary morning became an extraordinary day

They face a new beginning where their hopes and dreams came true
They sealed their love forever as today they said “I Do”

Fate brought them together two halves that made a whole
Two strangers who connected and found each other’s soul

Their love’s a sacred flame that will burn eternally
Nothing here can dim its glow or change its destiny

For each line on their face there is a story to be told
Each precious moment shared will be a wonder to behold

Time stands still for no one things will change along the way
But always they’ll remember the vows they made today

And as the years pass by their dreams they will fulfill
And that little girl will know that fairy-tales are real...
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