Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Lying in the Darkness

Lying in the darkness
Nothing here to see
The shadow of my lonely self
Just staring back at me

Lying in the silence
Deafening to my ear
The beating of my lonely heart
The only sound I hear

Lying here remembering
The world of you and I
A love beyond forever
We knew would never die

My tears are never ending
My vision always blurred
No one listens to my prayers
My words still go unheard

You showed me what it was to love
You showed me how to feel
My love for you was endless
My life with you was real

I know I'm needed in this world
Even though you’re gone
I know I must survive this pain
I know I must be strong

But always I’ll remember that
Again one day I’ll see
The only man I’ll ever love
The only man for me.
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