Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Some days I question do I wish
That we had never met
I wouldn’t spend my days and nights
Trying to forget

I wouldn’t feel this unrelenting
Agonising pain
I wouldn’t feel this lost; knowing
I’ll never be me again

My heart would not be shattered; crushed
Damaged beyond repair
I wouldn’t live tormented
If that day, you’d not been there

But if our paths had never crossed
If we had never met
Would I feel complete
If there was nothing to regret

If fate brought us together
You and I were meant to be
So why I am alone now
If you were my destiny

And could I ever love someone
The way that I loved you
Or would I search a lifetime
For that love that I once knew

So my choice is to feel this pain
For memories I’ll always recall
I would rather have loved and lost
Than to never have loved you at all

Accepting this life isn’t easy
But no longer can I pretend
My fragile strength is all gone now
I'm broken…I cannot mend…
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