Rachel Hughes

Danbury, WI, USA

Arms Stronger Than Mine

There you were in the midst of the storm,
Shattered and torn.
There you were in the pouring rain,
Tattered in pain.
Your wings were broken when you needed to fly.
Your back was burdened when you wanted to try.
I held you in my arms through the storm and rain.
I knew I wasn't the one who would stop the pain.
For a moment I gave you my sweet embrace.
And now you're gone without a trace.
You couldn't carry your burdens another day.
God knew there was a better way.
So he took you from the midst of the storm.
He threaded your heart cause it was torn.
He gave you strength when you were tired and worn.
His arms spread over you so you could heal and be restored.
You're one of many his arms are for.
You're in the place where love ever shines.
You're in arms stronger than mine. Dedicated to my lost love Larry Lindell Almer
Lost by me, found by God . . .
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