Prm S

A broken heart ...

a silly heart learns to love one summer,
the heart is then broken later next year,

a broken heart knows not what it wants,
tears don't cause heartbreak; the heartbreak caused these tears it said,

a broken heart feels undeserving,
for maybe its person is just not enough,

a broken heart was greedy,
for now, it wants to feel valued,

a broken heart finds pleasure in materials and objects,
surely ownership of these things must make it feel satisfied,

a broken heart finds its release,
if money is what it takes for pleasure, let's just find more of it,

a broken heart is irrational to itself,
there is no right or wrong it says,

a broken heart seeks opportunities,
so that is doesn't feel broken anymore,

a broken heart seeks companionship,
love is not what it wants anymore, friendship will reduce this depression,

a broken heart finds peace in knowledge,
panacea comes in awareness,

a broken heart realizes that it's just a stupid hormone,
and it has nothing to do with the heart,

a broken heart keeps quiet,
and just does one thing after another, for its person is growing, but who cares,

a confused mind can't take compliments anymore,
it’s a disguise it says, a compliment always comes with a requirement.

a confused mind can't handle any newfound affection,
for why put the effort when it may soon end,

a confused mind got used to ignoring its person,
for there is always a room for improvement,

little does this confused mind know,
for the broken heart is never going to mend,
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