Oreo de Walkers

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Ode to The World

The most complex thing about humanity.
The justification for idiocy and the motive for love.
The notions fill our head that the world is roses and doves.
We reached 18 hoping it was.
Opening up to people who did not get love.
When will we wake up, life is not as easy as it seems.
These fake ideals are why humanity is ripping at the seams.

Count your calories.
Silent when the minorities are slaughtered and your daughter is afraid of men because of her own father.
You're just a martyr to your ideals.
Don't get violent, keep your morality.
Six feet above or you’re six feet under.
You don’t have Double D cups then it is no wonder why you're useless.
Weight above 140 then you are just fat and clueless.
Cover your shoulders and your back quit trying to seduce us
If the inches aren’t eight then you are just a nuisance.
Suicide can’t do it.
But I do not give two shits about your depression.
I will not help you through it, ignore it’s progression.
You're a dog to the majority, take your feelings to the grave and tell them to Anubis.

Society’s confession.
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