Nirav Khanal

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The Broken Angel

On the dark and gloomy night
Walking down the lonely trail
As if she was destined to fail.

With no clear destination in her mind
Escaping from something
Maybe it’s from her past.

With all the heartbreaks and scars
She wears her beautiful smile
As if it was never a facial mask.

Deluded by her memories
Always wanting to go to the past
Persist on loving as if love will ever last.

A beautiful angel walking all alone
In quest of something
Maybe love or a home.

A place that welcomes her hidden scars
Place that won’t judge or break her golden heart
A place that will forever show the love she deserves.

She swims naked in the lake of shards*
(Shards* – the thin sharp broken pieces of glass)
She dances to the song that she remembers
Just to conceal her broken past.

Still haunted by the memories
A brief encounter with happiness
Is all that she remembers.

Just a few moments later
She perished
She was gone, gone forever.

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