Nichole Lorah

December 22,1993 - Pennsylvania
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She searches for light

She's awaken by fear.
Dreams become all too real.

She wakes with a scream, gasping for just one normal breath of air.
Sweat dripping down her face.
All she can hear is the sound of her heart beating in her ears.
Chest becomes heavy -- room pitch black.

Nothing to see as she reaches behind her back for her phone. She searches for just a little light.
The fears are real and jerking at her mind. As it wonders and worries it all becomes clear, she forever has to deal with the surreal.
That the pain of the past now haunts her so fast every night and day.
She fears that her true self may never come near.
For now she gets little to no sleep as the nightmares become to much to bear.
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