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Siren's Lament

Oh brokenhearted one,
Has your soul grown weary?
Oh brokenhearted one,
Had the world grown cold?

Have you come the sea to engulf your lonely tears?
Have you come to the sea, to let the cold rest come?

Here, we will pull you deeper,
Deeper into the darkness
Here we will pull you deeper,
Till your senses numb and your tears don't exist.

Oh brokenhearted one,
Let the waves engulf you
Oh broken hearted on,
Let them lull to sleep

Ease away all the tears and the pain that you carry,
Wash it away, with the tides of the sea.

But given the chance would you do it again,
You and I could start all over.
If Given the chance would you try once again,
Or slowly sink to the bottom?
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