Montaigne Foxcroft

Green fingers, a flaming-red vent.

What a time to be alive
All of creation cry for they are about to die
The lungs of the earth are in flames
Up in smoke
Can't you see that as the Amazon burns, humanity are the lungs that will start to choke?
How heavy to bare is this yolk! I can barely breathe neither comprehend how a brain is so small, you think it normal to rip a plant out by its roots, thinking it's your right to obtain free food?
How can you not be aware that my plants are like my children, costing me money as I take good care?
How dare you steal so?
Their death breaketh my heart, can't you know?
I am at a loss for words.
People of this time are utterly absurd.
I hope you choke on my plant, ye with the brain as small as a pea! This is so very insane!
Standing in my way of giving my portion back to mother earth?
I am not Woolies. My plants are not on display for want-to-be foodies to uproot, my foot!
My heart bleeds.
The earth screams.
You feed but you are dying of a millenial disease - disrespect!
Turmoil in this heart because of my undeservedly disturbed soil.
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