Matthew Scopelitis

Tucson, Arizona

The Cowboys Last Wish

Bury me on the side of a hill
Where I know the animals play
Where the cattle graze and the horses roam
And the sun shines most of the day.

Let me be near the sound of a stream
Where the water runs cool and clear
Let my horse run as free as a meadows breeze
For he will know that I am near.

Let there be some nearby trees
Where the birds can sing all day
Where the deer roam in what is home
And the squirrel can run and play.

My days as a cowboy are over
And I truly have no regrets
It was a life I cherished
There is nothing I'd like to forget.

Please grant me my wish
As I would like to be
As close to the land that I love
Where all animals and cowboys are free.
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