Margaret M. Ryder

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

My Momma

She smiled upon the pain bound,
as her belly grew very round,
she fed me life through her soul,
although her story receiving sadly told;
Anchored strength, her head hung proud,
as she walked across condemning crowds,
her voice grew weak within her prayer,
God reached down and blessed us there;
The pain boiled to uncomforting steadiness,
a frightful smile claimed her readiness,
sweat poured loving laughter and painful tears,
released tension my tiny body appeared;
She praised his holy name for the love shared,
Once again, he blessed us with care,
She taught me how to laugh and smile,
as I learned to deal with life's hard trials;
She sewed understanding with a gentle heart,
as she mended my soul from broken parts,
fed through her soul, I'm happy to be,
for there's no greater love than Momma and me.
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