Marcus Malkowicz

April 22, 2003 - New Jersey
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The Gray Days

I know it’s the afternoon
I know the sun exists
Though what I see
Only lives a lack of color

A lack of color
That’s so unappealing
Yet so striking
It screams without a soul

To even step outside
Is a challenge
Though inside also
Brings only darkness

Not a person in sight
I know it’s not just me
You see it too,
don’t you?

Otherwise, we’re just anemics
Other people can live this world
But why can’t I?
Nothing of value

The world just sways without care
No consideration
They say to hold out hope
I guess I should
But I would be lying
If I said, it’s harder to hold out this “hope”
And to hold onto optimism
This is what we call
The Gray Days
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