Malavika Vinod

july 28th , 2003 - india
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Girl in the woods

I saw a stranger in the woods,
Who sprinted ere me,
With her lucent brown stick,
And behind her, there was a bee.

She was singing a lay,
That pulled every creature,
And I noticed her stick,
The lucent was of magic.

She wore a white dress with a blue sash,
She looked like she was fourteen,
And her magical eyes spokes,
More than her humming voice.

I followed the Lil girl,
And I ended my journey in front of a niveous place,
And I saw an old man there,
Who looked like he needs some care.

He laughed at me thrice,
And I asked him why,
So he pointed a stygian room,
And laughed again.

I entered the room and I didn’t see anything,
So I looked without, the man pointed again,
I saw a cheval glass, and there,
I stepped in a pace.

I didn’t see my face in the mirror,
Instead, I saw the Lil girl,
Who had the magic stick,
So I realized, I was the magic.

-Malavika Vinod
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