Maitrayan Bera

9th May, 2000 - West Bengal
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Never Ending Pain

I realize my mistakes,
I confess my sins.
Still i receive unfairness,
I guess your heart is made of tin.

Walking along a path,
A long deep and dark lane.
Through the sleepless cold nights,
Oh, this never ending pain.

I watch over everything,
I even try to take care.
But this isn't getting any better
Instead it's getting worse like a nightmare.

I am bearing all the brutal whips of the cane,
And all through this tyranny,
I bear the never ending pain.

I have been under the hood for too long,
I have had my face down with guilt and shame.
I have got my hands in my pocket,
I have been walking since forever in this melancholy rain.

And yet after all this, I keep bearing the never ending pain.
And all this power and all this fame, that i achieve,
When i take your name.

For this I am thankful,
But i have never been able to say.
So, i am feeling depressed and down,
Such is the never ending pain !
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