Lynette S. Clayton

Pennsylvania, USA

Credit Card Rut

If I had a nickle - I would spend a dime
I didn't have much but I was just fine
The phone rang, I still remember the call
We'll send you a GOLD CARD to go to the mall! Pay all your other bills, shop or take a trip
Spend five thousand dollars - I thought I'd flip!
New low percentage rate of nine point nine
All you have to do is pay your bill on time. A GOLD CARD with my name on it sounded great
Until that time when my payment was late
Sorry, they said, you didn't follow our rules
Had to pay late fees like all the other fools. Into the penalty box of interest rates I went
Had to pay double for everything I spent!
Your new rate is prime plus nine point nine
Which is why I sat down to write this rhyme. Now I really have to rob Peter to pay Paul
Didn't even need all that stuff from the mall!
My high monthly payments barely cover the cost
Of finance charges - so my money seems lost. The mailman brought a new offer today
Pay off all your credit cards - Hurray!
Sign up for our new PLATINUM CARD it read
So I did it again and now I wish I was dead.
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